Advantageous geographical location: EU (508.2 million consumers) and EAEU (282 million consumers), developed infrastructure, transport connection

  • Membership in the Eurasian Economic Union
  • Absence of sanctions in contrast to Russia
  • Good economic and political ties with the EU and CIS countries, Ukraine
  • Preferences and tax exemption for investors
  • Highly qualified personnel in industry
  • Privatization potential (e.g. about 70% of enterprises still belong to the state)
  • Good conditions for business organization. The 44th place in the World Bank rating “Doing Business 2016” (Russia is in 51st place)
  • Low crime rate
  • Low level of corruption in comparison with neighbors (Russia, Ukraine)

Advantages of membership in the Eurasian economic union

  • customs union, absence of import duties and restrictions
  • uniform rules, standards (technical, hygienic and other certificates)
  • free circulation of goods, capital, labor