Certification of goods for importation into Belarus and the Eurasian Economic Union  



For importation of many goods into the Eurasian Economic Union (Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan), a declaration or certificate is needed. Certification bodies of the Customs Union assess the compliance of certain goods with the technical norms of the Customs Union. For the assessment of quality and the subsequent issuance of an EAC certificate an authorized representative registered in the territory of the Customs Union is required.


The certificate of Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, as well as the declaration of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union are valid in all member states. The need for declaring or certification is determined on the basis of customs codes and technical features.
Please, take into account that depending on the goods and the country of the Customs Union additional permits for import or commissioning may be needed.




We will be happy to check if your goods are subject to obligatory certification in the Customs Union and will help you obtain certificates.